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Adopting the understanding of  Zero Incident – Zero Spill as its philosophy and life style and combining this principle with professionalism, VERA SHIPPING going to be a leader in the national market and a respectable and reliable ship management center in the international level.

Carrying our commercial activities out in an institutionalstructure professionally in the scope of  fully compliance with the national and international working - life - property safety, environment protection, health and hygiene rules and regulations without making concessions from the professional ethics and principles, to stand as a model of ship management and administration system that is going to reach to the excellency of safety and environment.

To sustain our commercial activities compliance with international bulker management standards by establishing the followings:
•    Working Safety,
•    Environment protection
•    Waste Reduction
•    Life and property safety,
•    Health / Hygiene, 
•    By fully compliance with compulsory national and international rules / regulations, to maintain continuous improvement.

Company senior management declares that, to achieve company purpose, all the necessary activities will be strongly supported and all the necessary sources will be ready to use of departments.